Where can you find hope in the middle of conflict?
Ask these kids
Using sport, music and play to give confidence and hope back to these children in Syria and other young people affected by conflict
Safe spaces to play

...in refugee camps, safe houses and schools: helping to rebuild young lives by war

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Born out of resistance to oppression in Brazil, the movement, energy and music of Capoeira captivate the attention of the refugees and young people we work with.

Creating positive role models

Capoeira helps build tolerance, opens minds and creates a community: a positive alternative to extremist ideas

What you can do

The current refugee crisis in Syria is affecting millions of children.
Help them to rebuild their confidence and find a space place to play.


Dsc 0087 The Origins of Our Name

The idea for Bidna Capoeira came after coming home from a few amazing days at the Al Tanf refugee camp in the no man’s land on the Syria- Iraq border. The kids and the community at the camp wanted more and more capoeira...

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Al Tanf Painting Workshop How We Measure Change & Success

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is how we track the development of the young people we work with. We assess how the classes impact the individual students as well as the wider community. To do this we use several methods including Most Significant Change and Workshop Evaluations.

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28 Bc Al Raqqa Al Mashlab Taima&Berimbau “In Capoeira I forget the war"

For 8 year old Aisha the excitement for Capoeira starts way before the training and fills her day with a thrill of anticipation. Another example of the startling effect that the classes have in building hope for kids in conflict zones.

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